DIVA: Diva is the main character of Dirt Vex, she was abandoned by her sister after her zombified mother was killed. She escaped from Dirt Vex and went into the wild but was found by her Aunt "Lady Fatima" who taught her the arts of Necromancy and learnt about the legend of "soul mates".

After Lady Fatima disappeared she started wandering the land looking for her soul mate until she came across a bad tempered skull called "Cal" which she bound to her hat.

CAL: Cal is Divas true Soul mate, he is a bad tempered skull which was suddenly given life after being stomped by Diva.

His true identity is unknown even to him as he has been dead for far too long.

He is bound to Divas Hat and would love to taste beer again someday which means he could have been a drunk of some sort.

DANA: Dana is Diva's older sister, she killed their zombified mother out of pity and abandoned Diva after almost killing her. She joined the Hunters Guild and became a proficient Killer.

She owns the only bar in town and carries a small skeleton who she calls "Marcus" with whom she speaks frecuently.

Loves killing things with her special, own made heavy two barrel shotgun.

YIVA: She was Diva's and Dana's Mother, she was a respected high level citizen and was the only one capable of killing Meredith, (story her daughters dont know).
She was turned into a zombie by an unknown source and was secretly ditched as a labor worker in a low class Inn (the bar Dana now owns) with her two young daughters.

Was killed by her own daughter "Dana" as means to free her of her terrible fate.

LADY FATIMA: She is Yiva's Sister (Diva's and Dana's Aunt) she was casted away by the city council for misuse of her necromancy powers.

Truly loved her sister but never knew about her fate, found Diva at a very young age and taught her the ways of necromancy without knowing it was her own niece.

She casted on Diva the soul bound spell that gave life to Cal before disappearing.

VIKTOR: He is Dana's best friend and protector, he comes from one of the toughest Viking families.

He was saved by Dana from being crushed by an earth golem, so he made an oath to protect her though he is like a father figure to her.

He is also in charge of Dana's Bar and has a good eye for spotting trouble.
Loves cigars and axes.

MARCUS: This was ""THE" mighty pigmy king", it became Dana's first kill as a hunter, since then she carries it as a token of luck strapped to her gun.

Although he isnt magically given life, she talks to him quite often as a way of having a conversation with one of her lost family members.

Later on he is used by Dana to annoy anyone around her.


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